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“Da Vinci Code Decoded” 2004 Was Written by “Tracy R Twyman”

Published under “Martin Lunn” Name

Published by “The Disinformation Company”  |  Bought out by “Red Wheel Weiser Conari

Tracy R Twyman:  December, 2009

“I had HarperCollins, one of the largest publishers in the world, interested in my material. But when I sent them my sample chapters on request from one of the editors, they actually had one of their other authors (my former friend Peter Levenda, who had recommended me to them) steal my work and publish it as his own. The book Papal Magic by Simon (Levenda‘s pen name and the “editor” of the Necronomicon) was almost entirely ripped from one of my sample chapters, word for word. I can’t afford a lawyer and thus can do nothing about it. [more about Papal Magic & Peter Levenda (Simon)]

The Da Vinci Code Decoded by Martin Lunn, an international bestseller, was essentially written by me as well. But at least I was in on that scam and agreed to it willingly. The publisher came to me and asked me to write it, but since I was already in a prohibitive contract with Weiser at the time, I couldn’t take the offer. So I let one of my friends take credit as the author and I only got a 10% agent commission. Then I lost my contract with Weiser because of Boyd’s [Rice] behavior, and that was it.”

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