Last updated on February 13th, 2021

Boyd Rice Efforts Come to Nothing

“I was almost relieved when I got the letter in the mail from Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing, saying that they had ended the book contract with Boyd and me. They had discovered a website published by one of Boyd’s friends, in which they had uploaded the entire text of the book (from the file I had provided to Anthony S) with only Boyd’s name listed as the author. This was a violation of the contract terms, and so they had decided not to publish the book after all. However, they realized this was not my fault, and invited me to submit future works for consideration.

I was actually happy not to be stuck in any more business arrangements with Boyd. I was also glad to see Boyd’s efforts come to nothing. I think he thought that he was going to get away with it: that the book would be published, and he would get money from it, but he would still get to tell his friends that he wrote the book all by himself. He probably had it put on the web because he just couldn’t wait until the book came out to show his friends what “he” had done.”

By Tracy R. Twyman