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dr_karen_ralls_on_the_holy_grail.mp3 – Transcript

your doctor Karen Ralls discusses the Holy Grail like to know more about the Holy Grail turn the grill might have taken in order to really examine that we have to look back at what the actual real romances say about it. And thats the source where we learn about the Holy Grail in this again. These were written around the time of the Templar the 12th century the first one with 1190 Credit in the Troy and following with pars of all of famous Story by Wolfram Von eschenbach about 12:05. So around late 12 and throughout the 13th. So many Grill stories were written and none of them pretty much agree exactly on what the Grail is. However, it is first of all our usual concept of the grill today. Is that a backup or a chalice? For example in Indiana Jones the Last Crusade many people recall seeing the scene in the cave with a night with many cups. Chalices in the concept of choosing the right cup or the right Grail now that idea comes from the idea of a quest for the Grail and only the Pure or the right a person can pick the grill and drink of it and therefore be healed. So that idea of a cup of of Christ blood perhaps that of Joseph of Arimathea having been collected Jesus after crucifixion has led to a number of Legends in France as well as Glastonbury and England relating to the idea of the Grail as a cup or a chalice but in the Grail romances the manuscript they also say the grill can be other things. The grill could be a shining blinding white something spiritual Rez cereal not a material object could only manifest again to selected person such as Sir Galahad. Right person idea of the Grail seeking the seeker and not use thinking the grill is an idea. A lot of the grill Stories. The grill could also be a number of things like a spear or sword and especially idea of the precious blood being the Grail again, not only the blood of Christ through the cup but also the concept of precious blood as a separate Relic which has many places and cathedrals in the Middle Ages had claimed to various Relic involving the precious blood including the theory of possible bloodline on which again, we have no concrete evidence for thats part of The DaVinci Code and other books. Theres the map question about whether that was a Grail The Grail also in the medieval stories could be a table the idea of the Hermetic Emerald table The secret Gospel of St. John all of these various Concepts, but the underlying idea was the Quest for the Grail as a spiritual Quest as the main emphasis and not merely a material object.