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jesus_and_mary_fact_and_fiction_part_1.mp3 – Transcript

Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the life of Jesus is difficult due to the many translations of the New Testament over the centuries and the way certain sensitive passages were edited out by politically correct popes and Emperors the discovery of the Gnostic library at nagamati authors 21st century biblical Scholars a new window into the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Were they really married as The DaVinci Code implies Lynn picknett author of Mary Magdalene Christianitys lost goddess and co-author of the Templar revelation. like hundreds of thousands of millions of people worldwide Holy Blood Holy Grail and found out cells are interested in these subjects the true origins of Christianity. If youd like we can stop a bit. It was its an exciting story very soberly to look Sensational and its presentation tool and its certainly made us think and inspired us to take it further, but we could see a distinction between the Christ of faith. and the Jesus of History Were not talking about the descent from Christ. In fact Christ are your pieces of a figure out a fight but Jesus the man who walked on the sounds of Palestine is a real historical figure and he we felt we flew dressage. Its being said, but we have recognition Samsung an assault on Christianity. And its also being suggested that some people have being led to turn away from the faith, which theyve grown up with. light green because there is nothing in our what what you seen any sense and assaults on that figure of Christ. What we are doing is looking at the man who wont on the Sands of Palestine if you choose to believe that that Jesus was born of a virgin and walked on water and rose from the dead. Then that is a gift your faith is a gift and nothing that we can say about Jesus should affect what you choose to believe but you must remember that religion is essentially a matter of opinion. Its a question of faith. What you choose to believe? Add when we were looking at the possibilities of a blob descent. We were looking at the balance of probabilities. Is it more like today? That the man should be born of a virgin and book of water and rise from the dead. all is it more likely? Leticia to be born as other than a bone. Knotted and raised a family. Establecer probabilities, which is more likely. Thats certainly the hypothesis which we present in Holy Blood Holy Grail. Margaret starbird author of the woman with the alabaster jar was shaken by what she read in Holy Blood Holy Grail, and I thought that was total blasphemy. In fact, I almost dropped the book. I fled from the library. I didnt want nothing to do with this book. I was horrified. It was it was almost obnoxious to think that that Jesus might have been married coming from my background in my my Orthodox Catholic position Henry Lincoln. They must have a shocked. Reaction to the general public we got ourselves onto the front pages around the world it was as if this has never been said before but the ideas like that of being in there for centuries From My Sight was sent from Jesus and his wife was Mary Magdalene a bean a story not dealing with Jesus, but lets say William Shakespeare Richard the lionheart. Any sort of discoveries made about him in the sense that we did the night of the prophecies. anyting in association with thats a ordinary characters would have been taken on board was upset to this part of the mainstream of scholarship. Its only because the figure that bad dealing with is Jesus this figure 5, and thats what creates the fast Margaret starbird. I didnt know what to think and then I thought well, Im going to go investigate this. And as I got into the material I finally told a friend of mine about it. And she said well thats ridiculous. Nobody. I mean the church would have told us and I said, yes, I believe that too. So I said Im going to pray about this book and my friend said I think you should and when I did I open my scripture one day praying about Holy Blood Holy Grail thinking of going to burn this book and I looked down and I saw this passage in my scripture said restore my wife who my spouse to me. And I thought that was so uncanny that I should have opened a page that said that in the scripture that I said, you know, maybe I should take this seriously for a minute and go see if theres any evidence that could support it. And thats when I launched on my journey to search for the Holy Holy Grail. But I believe its the sacred feminine the last bride. I was assigned some paper to write for a class. I was taking and interpreting the gospels at Vanderbilt Divinity School. And when I asked for help finding a passage and open my scriptures, I was looking at the pathogen mark from the anointing of Jesus by the woman with the alabaster jar at the banquet and Bethany and I was at an interesting passage. So I went out and started investigating. First of all, I found out that the anointing seeing occurs in all four of the canonical gospels are only four stories that do when is the baptism of Jesus the multiplication of Loaves and Fishes the crucifixion and the anointing by woman which gives you an idea how very special that passage is if it was collected in all the community that wrote gospels that passage that story was so powerful that it made it into off or so, I went out to investigate anointing and find out what I could and I found out that the anointing is actually has sexual allegations of the ancient world and that the anointing by the woman with a nuptial right in the ancient cultures. We should say Cult of the sacrifice bridegroom King. There Many Many religious leaders who arrives in this time. And Jesus is one of them and hes a rabbi everyone in the New Testament is Jewish until proven. Otherwise, it was commonplace for Jewish rabbis to be married. In fact, it was the rare exception of a Jewish rabbi at that time. Was not married Jesus Christ was required as a member of the davidic line to marry. He was required to sign two sons by the age of 40 is mentioned in the Book of John. He doesnt describe the actual wedding itself. But only the feast and what Jaws in this particular story is the fact that Mary that is Jesuss mother. Says to the servants that they should do whatever he tells them to so when they are told to go and get more wine. They have to oblige the only person at a wedding who would be allowed to do that would be the groom himself. Martin Lund Mary Magdalene is depicted as anointing Jesus Christ on two occasions with an ointment quillspike knob which was only allowed to be used by those of the decline. Then it became a question. Okay, who was this woman then? Who is the bride if there is a bride? Who is she it has to be the woman who annoys him and then three gospel. Shes not name. But in Johns gospel is actually literally says that the woman who anointed Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair was Mary the sister of Lazarus. Achieve the same area that shows up in Holy Blood Holy Grail and in all the legends that they talked about from the coast of France where its Mary the sister of Lazarus who brings the Holy Grail the song growl difference. Of course the way they spell that if you divided after the G, it means the blood Royal the word song draw s a n g e r a l in old French if you divided after the end you have a word that says holy grail, but that would be like dividing the word Montreal after the end. It wouldnt meanwhile Mountain anymore. It would be in something unintelligible. But if you divide the same words on Graal after the G, it means blood Royal. So the legend says that Mary Magdalene and her friends traveling with in this boat with no Wars brought the blood Royal to the coast of France and you dont carry the blood Royal in the jar with a lid it flows in the mind of a child. So I think the fossil in the legend is the child actually existed whatever happened to her. I have no idea and I dont think the genealogies are necessarily relevant. I really think the child is there to prove the union the sacred Union of the masculine and feminine energies the mythology. If you will of the Sacred Union at the heart of the Christian story that the child proves that rather than anything else that you could think of that would prove it. We dont have a birth certificate for this little girl. Lynn picknett School Bus anybody who Mary Magdalene wash Jesus forgave and shes got her check the log on to the equivalent of the century Quizlet to making the coffee for the men around in the background apps if they were familiar with a particular Victorian art it so she shes the woman who and I was forgiven by Jesus, but she still but the rest of her life blubbing and removes actually stranger with her that they always pay stub without playlist on your phone. You didnt you call me remorseful without being off naked. I dont know but but the point is that actually she is never described in the New Testament as opposed to describe the total. She only named a few times. Im going to Bible archaeologist a religious scholar Dr. James Robinson is the editor The nag hammadi library in English commonly referred to as the Gnostic Gospels the big problem down through the centuries has been too many Marys. and there is another Mary of Bethany who washed Jesuss feet with her hair and theres another Independence story in Galilee of some prostitute that washed his Feet with her expensive oil and hair and that Anonymous prostitute is identified with a Mary of Bethany because we both did the same act though in different parts of the country and Mary Berry Mary, they are identified with Mary Magdalene about whom there is the record that Jesus cash six demons from her. And so all of those things were put together into the medieval identification of Mary Magdalene as The Prostitute. Theres not a shred of historical evidence for that false assumption. The Roman Catholic Church at the second Vatican Council finally announced that false idea when the historical evidence is. Very small, shes mentioned in all four gospels with that same episode that the Magdalene. But theres not a lot said about her. It says she was a woman of wealth who supported Jesus by her means with the other women who were supportive of his ministry and then it says that she met Jesus at the resurrected on Easter morning. She also stood at the cross. There are 8 lists were several women are listed in the in the gospels. And on those 8 lists on seven of them Mary Magdalene pension first first lady, it just mentions her first every time except one. I think we cant know exactly anything about her but we can see is what she did by her actions. What did she do? She showed up at the tomb to mourn her bridegroom? And found him resurrected witch in the ancient mythology this the role of the Bride. Its the role of the Bride to anoint and also to me the Risen bridegroom at the tomb and so in the in her role she lives out the ethology then of the secret Union. So historically speaking we know very little about her but we know that the mythology is said she was bribed possibility Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Were married is is quite plausible rendered more plausible by finding these tantalizing tidbits in the Gnostic Gospels such as the reference to Jesus kissed Mary frequently on the perhaps. The word is mouth in Coptic. Theres a lot of interesting hints that this may have been the case. If The Priory of Sion is meant to be a metaphor for this important and Powerful secret that Jesus was really a human being that he was a mortal human being that he was an important historical character that he came out of the Jewish tradition that he was probably married the following the biblical injunction to go for us and be fruitful and multiply probably had children and that some history of those descendants is now lost to us. Whats very interesting story. I dont know of anyone. British nobility a Japanese nobility who can actually Trace their bloodline back to Thousand Years. if Jesus had descendants I think they would be untraceable today. They may have been traceable 280 380, but they would not be traceable today. Margaret starbird. Ive been told that the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail didnt know exactly what it was they were looking for and they werent sure that the bloodline existed themselves at first, but I think what happened was that they were so steeped in the mythologies and the Legends in the scriptures and in the art the medieval art that suddenly one day they look just looked at each other and it came to them in a Flash like Eureka. Weve got it. I think what happened was that theyre talking here about the bloodline of Jesus. And then they wrote their book based on that intuition that they had but that it was already derive from their study of the art the legend of Miss and all their medieval studies. You might say all Gathering momentum as they went and finally pointing them to this particular conclusion. I dont think it was made in a vacuum and I certainly dont think it was an accident. I think they actually were onto something but maybe they didnt even know themselves exactly where they got the idea, but when they pass it around they realized it fit all the scenarios that they had envisioned here and that they realize that it was the key to the whole story was the sloth bride thing, but when I read their book I said to myself Oh my gosh there this this piece thats been lost all this time. Its something my prayer community and Ive been praying over four years. We had been shown that there was a missing piece from the foundations of the church and we didnt know what it was, but we were told to search for it and when I realized it what was lost here was the bride everybody went off and talked about the bridegroom without the bride, but whats a bridegroom without a bride so I went off searching for the bride and realizing that the key to the whole thing was the anointing at Bethany by the woman who then later carries the Chalice or what we know to be this the Holy Grail as a child to the shores of France so that whole connection came to me out of scripture and out of my own prayer community in miles per Life. Connecting to reinforce what I had discovered in Holley by the way Grill, which I thought at first was Blasphemous, but then when I went and discovered that it was all tied in with what weve been shown with the missing piece that it wasnt for me anymore, but it was truth when picked it continues. Apart from Jesus Mary dead center Jesus defers to marry. She even gets him to change in. One of the gospels is Gospel. She even gets him to change his teaching. She is feisty. Shes assertive. Shes certainly not when Im in the church has used her over the centuries brand name for female shame ashamed woman in history. She actually annoyed because you are able Jesus this these are the gospels make very clear on one thing. I want to say for sure in here is that I have twin pillars for my research and none of them are from the nagamani gospels. But the naw, I suppose actually state in the gospel Phil, but stays that Jesus was married or that Mary Magdalene at least with his intimate partner or consort that word has sexual overtones the Quan on us. They use their has overtones of being intimate partnership. It says been companion. The intimate companion of Jesus is Mary Magdalene and used to kiss her often. And the other Apostles are jealous of their intimacy at the time of the Reformation suggested that Jesus and Mary were married and a witch make it extremely clear as to why the church did not want these beasts books in the New Testament and I think its a Gospel of Thomas disciples go to Jesus and they say Lord watch you love her more than you love us. Why you always kissing her on the mouth and you think do you think you fool? You know, theres a lot of this in the Forbidden books and late and I realized that theres a lot more to the choosing of the mantle and unfriendly gospels going into the New Testament then you might sink. Mary Magdalene is actually believe statements. But I think shes the most important woman in the world and world history notes about what you said or did particularly but because of the reason that the church fathers was so afraid of her image from the other gospels must have been gospels from what they knew. They really knew what she was really like that she was powerful that Jesus loved her. The Jesus will most certainly slept with our weather is milia ritual sort of sacred sex thing or it was the usual usual passion, but then you that she had power over him and they didnt want the women in the whole of History. The church has treated its women. Hes actually because of the terror of Mary Magdalene. In Leonardos Last Supper, this Magdalene figure. This very feminine. Tiger is leaning away from Jesus brother pointedly. And St. Pizza is hung a slicing across her neck and hes looking staring interesting because the Lost gospels and translated one of the things that comes out, very strongly is the Saint Peter hated Mary Magdalene told her to shut up. She didnt have any special Revelation and then another disciple Levi say well as heck if Jesus told us something special we all listened to it so that this back-and-forth is there in the nagamati text so that you can sense some restiveness on the part of women. Over against the male hierarchy, why would people have made up the Rivalry of Peter and Mary? Why would someone in that time. I have written Peter as a jealous character? Why would someone who was just writing a story have suggested that Jesus may have left his ministry at his work to Mary. What what about the worldview of that time would lead people to make that up if that was not their belief and Im not saying thats what happened. But I do think the people who wrote these things believed what they wrote and I find it very interesting that we have some of the these interesting little tidbits which Girly emphasized are not contemporaneous historical documents for the written several hundred years later, but its still fascinating to think that people are in 380 480. Were you shooting motives of jealousy to Peter were talking about whether the church should be left to a woman were talking about what this kiss is between Jesus and Mary and theres a lot of debate in one of the gospels. He actually says to Jesus let Mary leave us for women are not worthy of life. Im going to lay to text it actually has her going to Jesus and saying Pizza has threatened me. Hes threatened my life. Before he hates me and all the race of women. And I think that was so interesting because that personal of a clash of personalities prefigures what type of truly was to happen with the hugely misogynist Church of Rome on the notorious attitude to women. I think Mary Magdalene was Z outstanding female disciple and that is very important particularly in our Latter-Day when women are not supposed to be ordained because none of the 12 apostles were female well over against that there were women in the in a circle and this is very important. Well, let me put it simply. All of the 12 apostles were male. All 12 were Jews all 12 lived in the Holy Land. There wasnt a single Gentile Apostle nobody from Poland. So what? So that this is just pure Church propaganda. And over against that we ought to emphasize that Jesus gave women a prominent role in his ministry. There are records of women accompanying the male disciples and providing food and funds and Performing the rights that are reserved for women. Mary magdalenes prominence is not at all surprising.