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jesus_and_mary_fact_and_fiction_part_2.mp3 – Transcript

Denvers team continues then Brown again through The DaVinci Code is calling our attention to facts like Mary Magdalene may have been a partner in the creation of a Christian belief. She may have been the chosen follower of Jesus to be the Apostle to the apostles and so on it may not have been so extraordinary in that time. To have had female religious leaders. Theres nothing in the New Testament that says the priests should be men there. In fact, is this rather unusual line? Which one you think about it starts to sound like it was inserted in there about Peter of Upon This Rock. I build my church. Like I think maybe you know the colleagues of Peter wanted to make sure that the legitimacy of Peter was put in there and why would they need to do that? Because maybe some people thought That Jesus intended to leave his is following two to Mary Mary Magdalene has of course been a big factor in the feminist movement. The feminist have been eager to distance her from any taint as to her morality and to emphasize the importance. She had for Jesus in his ministry. Dan Brown does a very Jean provocateur job of presenting the notion that perhaps these anti-materialistic Jewish charismatic leaders, Jesus Mary and the other early creators of Christianity. I had a very different worldview than the Romans of Constantine. Basically Pagan Sun worshippers who became the editors of the Christian Bible who became the decision-makers about how Christianity should be practiced in Roman and Medieval Europe very much divorced from the culture of the desert people to Jesus spoke. So yeah, thats us all up for that discussion and debate and I think that people today find that very interesting debate to engage in Lynn picknett the other gospels that were in the both Century by the emerging church was trying to standardize its beliefs These are the gospels were actually is interesting cuz it makes them Pura than the ones that weve had. All the time was being subjected endless. No editing and changing a 1958 unless it was discovered by Bishop Clement of Alexandria in which he requested the receiver the laugh of Theodore to admit Tupacs from The Book of Mark Which Way inconvenience the Roman Catholic Church. The first part was the parts which describes Lazarus Crying out from the tomb. When in fact he was supposed to be according to our present version of the Bible dead if he was dead. He obviously couldnt cry on what actually happened was that he had been excommunicated the rules for excommunication where that if you will not delivered within a. Of 4 days then your soul was banished to Hell Forever on the suds De Jesus Christ going to hear about this and was going to release Lazarus from this. Banishment of his soul unlawful restore him to life effectively the way that this story is depicted in the Bible is that Jesus Christ actually physically restored life to Lazarus his physical body rise. In fact, it was his soul but Bishop Clement of Alexandria. So with that said, this is being rather. how to how to kill top with the rest of the Christian belief the other parts of the bishop Bishop Clement of Alexandria want to demented whats the parts when Jesus and his disciples visit the house of Mary and Martha Mary is depicted as being hesitant in move-in leaving the house was in fact happened to the original Book of Mark was that Mary actually stepped outside the house when Jesus Christ arrived the disciples told her to go back inside because women will only allowed to leave the house when the husbands gave them permission So this was another indication that impact Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus Christ. Although Jesus was a person of his own day and age and we should not modernize him inappropriately still. He was more open to the role of women in his activity then were his disciples and the hierarchy that gradually emerged of an all-male kind Margaret starbird. When I went back to investigate the anointing. I found it in the ancient cult that had sexual connotations and that the anointing by a woman was actually a marriage right in the ancient cause of the sacrifice bridegroom King. And those Cults the anointing nuptials occur, the woman actually choose as her consort, annoys him. They celebrate their Union in the bridal chamber and then their whole round rejoices because the Joy from the bridal chamber spreads out into the crops and herds and so the whole nation celebrates With a rituals celebrating this Union which is actually the life force that theyre celebrating their not its not just about male-female what its about the life force and the recycling of the nature or the resurrection and then the dying off of vegetation. Its a whole vegetation called but its celebrated in these ancient symbiosis somebody I guess in Cyrus and Isis that called also tammuz and Ishtar de musica andina with a consumer that many many goddess couples which manifested this celebration of the recycling of life. So when I realized that then I looked at the later ramifications in this call through sack of the bridegroom celebrates with his wife his bride sister bride and then later he sacrificed mutilated tortured executed laid in the Tomb. Usually after a pause of about 3 days. His bride goes to the tomb to seek him or to mourn his death and finds a Resurrected. And when I read these about these ancient goddess called I thought oh my goodness. This is the same story the exact same story that we find in the gospels and everybody in Roman times knew it because the Roman Empire Still celebrated these called in various domains around the around the area and so they were all Cognizant, I would recognize it right away this liturgy really as a sacrifice Pride from the nuptials the anointing and then later the death and Resurrection Lynn picknett. I was terribly shortcut key when I first discovered that Jesus was only one of many dying and Rising gods that proliferated and and have them hundreds of thousands of years before he was born in the general area of the Mediterranean. That was Dionysus Thomas indominus. I was of course the great Egyptian god Osiris who most resembles Jesus in many respects, of course, its the other way around Jesus resembles a Cyrus and Chris was the concert of the beautiful mother Goddess Isis. Who is also go to the magic on sexual magic and the priestesses of Isis would an act that would become a nun in a holy ritual of sacred sex. They would become the goddess and some chopping off the street we go into the temple and have sex with them and become. It was they would actually the men would becoming spiritually enlightened simply by having sex with the Priestess who temporarily had become possessed by the gold as all became the god of an interesting thing is that the women wouldnt have to do the equivalent of this because women according to the Isis religion just by the very nature of being women by the opposite of Christianity. No, you have Jesus the only. In the rising god without who according to the Christian Church who doesnt have a consult who doesnt have a magical feminine by balancing presents. But of course if you look at the The Forbidden gospels though, she is also very interesting in the Lord is bumping into Mary Magdalene in the in the garden and she doesnt recognize him through her tears and he says why you weeping and she says theyve taken my Lord and I dont know why they put him on Thursday. That is actually the Siren Mystery plays. Every year they will ship Pacific Cyrus and Isis and acted the mystery play which way to go to that should be in tune to Pieces by his go to set and his bits of his body and being scattered everywhere and Isis cuz we paying throughout the land trying to find them magically reassemble them and the priest. Says woman most healthy. Why are you weeping? She said theyve taken my Lord and I know not what I told him. I mean, its Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt dying and Rising Golden Corral have several Scholars and commentators have the Somme of paganism and so much Egyptian ISM in the New Testament, but it must mean the basic to Jesus never existed that he was just created as another dying Rising God, but theres absolutely no need to do it was we think theres so much more evidence that shows the taxi Jesus and Mary what all basically off without religion or an offshoot of that religion, which may also tired and very closely with a very very ancient form of Judaism, which was goldish was tripping. The whole point to me is that there is only one model for a life that really works on this planet and thats Union. And so if youre not if youre not teaching that if you well what we have in Christianity is a celibate God and a virgin mother together in the bridal chamber. The Wonder we have a dysfunctional family. Its incredible that a bottle like that would not produce some aberration and thats because when it when you have a is As Above So Below