john_the_baptist.mp3 – Transcript

In this excerpt Lynn picknett and Clive Prince discuss some of the interesting facts about John the Baptist they discovered when researching their book the Templar revelation. One of the daughters of the very obvious Pro John the Baptist works tonight is his Adoration of the Magi which of superficial is a picture of the wise men bring Jesus and what she going to look at this work which was an unfinished by the way down in the hole and violently away from the family an apps store is generally agreed with Leonardo himself. Again, we just had in the last supper. He had his back to Jesus turn violently away. Might as well as to if you like the The Da Vinci Code to thing that sitting in there is this lenarchyk stream Federation for John the Baptist that whenever he can in his paintings. He elevates John the Baptist to the point that he actually is above or Superior to Jesus list one example, which amaze me when we found this out joining the the research for a book and it concerns a Power Probe Lukes gospel in which Mary the Virgin Mary having found that shes pregnant with Jesus goes to see it isabet John the Baptist mother her cousin whos or so thats why Im pregnant with with Joan and Walsh. Is there per claims this song? In Virgin, Mary proclaimed the song of of joy of finding out. Shes pregnant with this really important baby and this section which obviously before we separate poem has been incorporated into Lukes gospel. Is no again been detached and under the name of The Magnificat is the key. liturgy for Marion Christians Yeah, because its such a simple thing. We might she look at the the history of this. Theres no down to tour. The originally that song was attributed to Elizabeth. Im a song in honor of John the Baptist. And we know this because the earliest manuscripts of the Bible have Elizabeth singing it and the early church fathers theologians when they wrote about it and discuss it amongst each other as Elizabeth song in honor of John the Baptist and then somewhere along the line. Somebody decided to face you just cross that helps Elizabeth and change it to Mary. Its a place in is that about but this is not thats not make a controversial statement. This is a fact known to anyone thats ever started the history of the New Testament. Bumps and thats been known for a long long time, but its still the key text of marine Christians because I say it was actually composed by the Virgin Mary and Jesus.