lynn_picknett_on_jesus.mp3 – Transcript

We have so many interesting things on tape from the recording of these interviews that we wanted to share the best moments first up Arlin picnics controversial comments on the life of Jesus. Several scholars in commentators have pointed out that Jesus is miracles. Is life his works as far as we understand it reflect a kind of specifically the sort of works of an Egyptian come during which is interesting because of post office in the st. Lucie spend a lot of time in Egypt and it shows Im a specific in his book Jesus the magician titles a bit of a giveaway. He points out that Jesus did seems like you wrote and Sons open magic magic in the sand to make things happen, which is absolutely classic wooden injection conjura, an itinerant magician. What does walking on water. And still in storms are raging storm of that kind of thing. That was exactly what they did. I mean must remember that the people of that time was extremely superstitious and occult minded. I mean that the bean 1st Century amulets and little bits of pottery found from Christian settlement in which basically that the person has scratched onto the computer for free or something. You know, I made my neighbor be struck down with one in the name of Jesus the Lord, you know, if its its actually its magic. Its Uncle tourism it made it may have nothing to do with Jesus. But we think hes suddenly did practice we would call Pagan rituals of occult practices. I know its talking to other people, but that was the time they lived in and if its been a rough time in Egypt, they were very into the Mysteries and into basically Illusions creating Illusions, cuz its a good way of a spiritual message. Let me know its terrible little tiny little settlements. Well, you know there anything ever happen from year to year was the donkey drop down dead. You know, Im suddenly into the midst comes to this group of exotic people including some may be an exotic black Magdalene and the movie and casting out demons. It must have been the most wonderful exciting thing and then having got their attention and the word having spread and all the people coming in from The outlying Villages Jesus then gave his message. I have I think there was a much more important. I need to Own Way, perhaps most shocking interpretation of Jesus and thats his that he was a typical cult leader Emmanuel of used magic, but if you forget For one moment all the ideas that he was God incarnate basically. If you look if you look at Christian cult Busters they have list of how to recognize a dangerous cult leader everyone in every case, but Jesus himself himself as being at least partly Divine persuaded his followers to leave their wives and their families no fathers and mothers give everything up on follow him only threw him into heaven. I mean pitbulls have while he was a small stroke. He said really nice things like Cano suffer the little children to come unto me, but actually even that was a cult leader thing because what he actually said was the little children who believe in me to come into in other words, he would look after he promised to support and look after the Colts children and the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene Like An Egyptian woman with the anointing and of course, theres no reason why I shouldnt have spent a lot of his youth in in Egypt, He was known in his time as the Foreigner in the holding on and he didnt seem to know much about the the big towns. Which everybody looks to us being the only real words or change it was Jesus gave us our sucked actually more or less comes from the Egyptian Book of the Dead But the particular thing Im a part from the anointing of Jesus as a sacrificial King, which is again an ancient Pagan ritual and Osiris was dying and Rising King. Jesus was in his own way a dying and Rising King intro to the Osiris. Myth was Isis.