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Whats Leonardo da Vinci wanted to tell us with something. Very basic about the Roman Catholic Church. And he has Cody glass in his paintings. Is it more like today with a man should be born of a virgin and walk on water and rise from the dead or is it more likely that he should have been born as other than Nepal married and raised a family abilities, which is more likely. Examples of noxious to think that that Jesus might have been married coming from my background in my my Orthodox Catholic position. Mary Magdalene is most important woman in the world history image. Dan Brown makes his suggestion that this Great Cover-Up has gone on a lot of people get nervous and become instinctively critical of The Da Vinci Code, but I think Dan Browns actually on pretty good historical footing with some of these suggestions of his detail may be wrong or maybe designed to serve this fast-paced plot, but the big picture question of how Constantine in subsequent Roman emperors, Reshaped Christianity to serve their own purpose of political theory for the Empire is a powerful and I think largely valid argument. In the following audiobook documentary exploration of the fact behind the fiction of the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, the respected authors and researchers whose work inspired Vinci Code author Dan Brown have a chance to speak at length about their discoveries and theories with Henry Lincoln co-author of the million-selling book Holy Blood, Holy Grail Lynn picked in Clive prince who discovered the coded messages in Leonardo’s paintings Margaret starbird author of the woman with the alabaster jar and others. We hope this audiobook God will provide for you thrilling non-fiction overview of the history and the Mystery of The Da Vinci Code. As many readers of Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code already know the Uber source for the novel startling worldview comes from the classic book Holy Blood Holy Grail. So in order for us to start decoding The Da Vinci Code, we first need to understand but earlier books theories here Holy Blood, Holy Grail co-author Henry Lincoln explains how I first stumbled onto the mystery of the real life. Sony are what secret did he possess? Thats so threatened the church 35 years ago in 1969 heading offer holiday in the seven in France. I picked up this paper back. read holiday relaxation of a priest of a little French Mountain Village HuHot apparently found the treasure In 89, certainly, he was penniless when he made his discovery. Im by the time he died in 1917. He has spent an enormous sums of money. Dan Bernstein editor of Secrets of the code The Da Vinci Code opens with the murder of a fictional character Jacksonian era. Who is said to be in The Da Vinci Code the curator of the Louvre Museum and presumed to be as you read the novel The Current Grandmaster of The Priory of Sion? Whose job it apparently has been in addition to being very much a Leonardo Da Vinci type character left-handed as Leonardo is Left-Handed interested in all sorts of Science and machines as Leonardo was Jacques seven years mission in life seems to have been according to the novel to protect his granddaughter Sophie neveu from those associated with the church or otherwise who wish to wipe out the family who are presumably the modern descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. So jacksonia raises Sophie neveu the female protagonist of The Da Vinci Code, Martin Lund author of Da Vinci Code decoded what time Brown doesnt tell us is that the name Sonya is actually the name of a French priest to have a significant history in the area in which he lived. He was the parish. Priest of Renne Le Chateau in the area of land o clock in southern France every ounce of The Way Ariana particular in nineteenth-century France. He was a relatively young man with ambition and one of the first things he did when he arrived at Renaissance who was to renovate the truck when he was renovating the charge he removed the Old Stone from the couch and found that the world that was a pillow. That was Halo. It was a physical pellicer. It dates back to the 6th century. And in this hollowed-out pillow. That was some options. He took them out and what the what was written on them appear to be parts of the New Testament written in Latin and some letters were raised slightly about the apples and its these raised letters which caused the most interest. So the general assumption was found the clues essentially. But preserved in some pop charts. Please hide packages from the gospels in rectangle a concealed secret messages. They also the paperback told us that them secret messages. if you can tell us what they want and it was while I was standing in the book that I found myself reading off the secret message, please define and it didnt give away any important information that just said this treasure belongs to Taco Bell the second king and tuna saw him and he is that Whats a good an exciting message? And as a writer, but television it intrigued me King Jacob was the Lost of the acknowledged Merovingian Kings. He was the son of Clovis the first there was the first made a pact with the Catholic church that if Clovis increased his Empire, thats cool. Of his area of France and dedicated that to Christianity then the Catholic Church would acknowledge the Merovingians as being the inheritors of the throne. The Merovingian line is we believe a line of direct descendants from Jesus Christ. Turn on Jason. I didn’t understand what the significance of these parchments was a tool at least told her to tell the bishop has a long hard look at these parchments and send him straight talk to the ecclesiastical authorities in Paris on the Renaissance was situated. He had a large house built for him and his housekeeper at five or six bedrooms and he called it La Villa Bethany with the obvious Biblical reference and furthermore. He had the whole Road from the base of the mountain on which Renaissance era was situated right up to the top of the village paved Prince co-author of the source for Dan Brown when he wrote The Da Vinci Code. He walls humble country priest and yet at some point. He discovered something thats made him an extremely wealthy men. And he spent a lot of money refurbishing the church the church of Mary Magdalene, which is the village Village Church actually falling apart when he came he bought a plot of land in the village live to an excessively lavish lifestyle entertaining visitors from Toulouse from Paris. I am very hard Style. during the course of his life or or stars that lost 20 years of his life. So he spent something in the order of the Marvel equivalent of about 2 million pounds. Thats the mystery and Levy many solutions port forward. It started with the most obvious one that you found a treasure. Or Treasure Trove what is developed over the years to finish that he discovered a secret a secret. He was by the page to reveal or paid to keep quiet about if they received the Vatican cuz he discovered something of great importance to be undermined the the church and the church were paying him to keep quiet about in the bishop at this point was getting a little bit jumpy about this huge expenditures and spending a great deal of money and it was the bishop was getting jumpy because this was a simple country priest and he had no conception of how he was getting his money from you could reach was that he was guilty of disseminate. That is the selling of NASAs in order to make up for sins that you committed to be accused me of license suspended him. Off to this boundary Sonia appealed directly to the Vatican and was reinstated but shortly afterwards. He died very suddenly in the beginning of 1917. I n e died of a stroke, but what is perhaps significance and we dont quite know why is that 10 days before his death his housekeeper had already ordered his coffin Luka Sabbat come up with a conclusive answer as much as can be said today off to research the least-liked explanation as they discover the treasure. Oh and research and looking into the mystery in particular going to his cash flow and the way his fortunes changed because of a time pretty broke and then something another load money would come along then. I believe that the source of his money was that he was being paid money by people who live outside the village. And of course some good evidence for that when you have to account for his money to the local Bishop, thats actually what he said many researchers just ignore his own words and think he was hiding a treasure out but is that people? He said that he was given donations large donations by people who lived outside the village but he was given those donations on the conditions of strict secrecy that you couldnt break. He couldnt reveal who those down as well. When you locate is cash flow, that is the most plausible explanation is often also because the other part of the only want to know is why these people gave him a huge sums of money. What was it about him or the place he lived or whatever you knew that let led to people wanting to give him, you know hundreds of thousands of pounds and that’s that’s now the bit that needs to be on. Its more information he had or something that he was doing. After barrenechea service when you his death his housekeeper continue to live in the house until her own death when the French came first currency is from the old frank to the new Frank. She was found in the garden while she was seen in the goblin burning log amounts of paper money presumably because she didnt want to play a game where the money is coming from. She didnt actually tell the person who moved into the house that she would tell him the secrets of that wealth before she died. But unfortunately, she also suffered a stroke which rendered speechless and she was never actually able to say where the money is coming from. So the mystery diners with her Henry Lincoln So is the life of a television I decided it would make an interesting subject for documentary program and I went to the BBC. Its just you seem nice seem to think it was a good idea. so this was in 1970 and I went to meet the ulcer in Paris and discussed the subject with him and I asked him why he hasnt published the hidden messages that he said. Because we thought it might interest someone like you to find it for yourself and that I found a very very intriguing response. Clive Prince the link between the Renwick Chateau mystery and The Priory of Sion Is that the problem so I can claim to be they claim to have been the people behind Sonia and who were giving him money that they paid for him to build his buildings in to have his lifestyle and their claim is that the reason is that the Sonia discovered documents that reveals the truth about the survival of the Merovingian Dynasty and so Ive assembled a little team. Richard Lee and Michael Baisden join me for the research on the third film and it was while we were working on that third film. Thats the eye Pappasitos which became Holy Blood Holy Grail suddenly materialized conversation. Somebody is dead. Theres something fishy about these merovingians. A simple sentence like that than that was all it took the penny dropped with her is bounding thing. fish plus one of the early symbols for Christ and we suddenly wondered at that moment Richard Lee and myself weather. What was so fishy about the merovingians was it they could have being descended from Christ? Thats how the octopuses was coming. on this question of the interpretation of Ephesians people recount the story of Beringer Sonia the priest of this Village but in fact We know nothing of the priests of the Renaissance. Its all hearsay evidence. It wouldnt stand up in a court of law. What we have to do always is interpret when you were let into the areas with feel with secret societies hovering in the background. the priority of Zion in this case well by their very nature secret societies. Ill secret Martin Logan amps. It could have been one of several things. It could have been the secret of where the cathars had hidden the treasure from the Temple of Solomon and that they are one of the groups of people is a suspected of having his nuts because they have a stronghold in the Chateau to it could have been the fact that some important religious figure is actually buried in the car. And in fact, there is a yellow marking on the outside wall of the church which indicates that Sunday Royal is buried that It could be a genealogy of Jesus Christ, which is found that or the equivalent of what we would call birth certificates of marriage certificates relation to Jesus Christ and his marriage his wealth came directly from the Catholic Church. They were in the unfortunate position of knowing that somebody who they didnt know whether they can rely upon the entire will not was in possession of a great secret changed the whole identity of the tubs. And for that reason they would have been very willing to keep him quiet. They also had enormous wealth when it comes to The Priory of Sion things to get very complicated and very murky the known facts about The Priory of Sion is that it exists without needles How large an organization is he? So another question and he certainly exists as a matter of public record since the mid-1950s. What we believe is the sound had the intention of re-establishing the Merovingian rulers of Europe back on the friends. Im probably being in charge again of the Roman Catholic Church. Thats what led to this led to believe. There are according to documents that were later found several Grandmasters who were extremely well-known figures in both the artistic and scientific world, and these Grandma Fosters were discovered as a result of Henry Lincoln and Coast investigations at the biblioteca Nacional in Paris Henry Lincoln The Da Vinci Code this trailer believe that its based in fact because that exist in the French national library An assemblage of documents. Which one is the dossier sick High the secret dossier? That because theyre that they are reliable then not the documents are proof of absolutely nothing beyond the fact that they are being so they exist. when we were searching for Holy Blood Holy Grail We did a lot of checking on those exo Kai on the list of Grandmasters. And they did appear to be a certain the validity. the battle they should not be looked upon. Reliable evidence because they just arent. No document is reliable evidence of anything apart from the fact that you exist. Anybody can concoct any sort of document. If you want to believe it. Well life depends on the extent of your naivete over the amount of research what youve done a number of alleged Grandmasters of the prior song such as Jean cocteau. He was one of the latest there was also Botticelli the painter Robert Doyle Sir Isaac Newton people of great stature in a great influence all of which had some interest some esoteric interest in either finds a lot and some of which were connected by Blood In 1956 The Priory of Sion Rosa game into the public eye when it was registered by Pierre plantar who was a Frenchman who claimed descent from the Merovingian line. And he got to know Henry Lincoln and the writers of the other artists of the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and he in fact said thats the price of syon where the benefactors of the treasure which have been plundered by Emperor of the Roman Emperor Titus in 1866 from the Temple of Solomon and it was there. In fact, we were in charge of this immense wealth He has since being discredited despite the fact that he was very prominent in the French Resistance and a close Ally of Charles de Gaulle. He has since being discredited as being basically a charlatan somebody who who had no connection with the Merovingian family whatsoever and he disappeared from The Priory of Sion as Grandmaster in the 1980s Clive Prince as the person behind The Priory of Sion and the material that you put out in the 1960s and 70s Pierpont. I was an important figure responsible for is provably false. It is a hoax bumps the questions never been altered is what his motive in that hopes has been no ones ever shown that hes gained anything financially materially from that and it was Hopes, he maintains for over 20 years close to 30 is Henry Lincoln. We know nothing except what they choose to tell us. And how reliable is that going to be? As for those figures which people become interested and excited by Monsieur Pierre plantar the priority of Zion Grand Master. He was a Charming Man. Probably the best poker player on earth. Give him the opportunity. I can remember straying unexpectedly somebody difficult question that you always have an answer. But again, theres violence isnt merely wont he chose to tell me so we dont know anything about balance is Sonia of the priest. We dont know anything about the air pumps are we dont know anything about The Priory of Sion. We know thats the word. We know almost nothing. The dentist above and provable facts are very very few all the rest. Is hearsay evidence guesswork and interpretation? None of the books of the being written including my own have any validity whatsoever.