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In this chapter the Constantine conspiracy. The question is asked did 4th Century emperor Constantine rewrite the New Testament in order to gain control over Romes growing Christian population. Denvers team begins But my impression of Constantine is a fascinating character in history and one who is not really very well understood a general student of the last two thousand years of History. If youve taken a world history class one has the impression that Constantine is the scrape guy who converts to Christianity who discovers the importance of Christianity and brings Christianity to the Roman Empire. Its unclear that Constantine ever converted to Christianity and if he did so probably was on his deathbed. Is greatest interest in Christianity apparently was aroused when he is a very superstitious Pagan found that some of his soldiers who were Christians who were carrying a cross on their Shield didnt die in battle and in werent wounded and he became interested in whether this CrossFit actually protected them or not. He said about expanding Roman power in that time. And I believe he and his advisers saw in Christianity and monotheism really a very powerful set of political ideas with which to unite the disparate Empire and he saw great potential in bringing together and pray and Pope and being able to control a world stretching from Ireland to Turkey and Beyond with a single belief system. That found resonance with the populace. Dr. James Robinson. And so finally Constantine wised-up. He had an army the majority of whose foot soldiers were Christians. And they didnt want to fight a pagan Empress Wars. They want to fight to start with it with passages. And so he had this convenient vision of a cross in the sky saying this is the sign and which you will conquer and he announced that good news to his soldiers. Most of them were Christians and so they decided to fight And so Constantine had a fighting Army and won the battle. So that in a certain sense, there are rather cynical realistic ways of understanding this whole process when Constantine was faced with the possibility of Christianity increasing its influence. He jumped on the bandwagon. In fact, his father had jumped on the bandwagon the pool as a supporter of Christianity. And one of the reasons was that the existing religions of the time. We should Sol Invictus and Miss tourism had similarities to Christianity could blend together into something which he could lead at the same time as satisfying the people Constantine saw the opportunity to blend all the religions together at the same time. He didnt want to change to the holidays. We existed in Christianity. Previous to Constantine the date celebration of Christs birth was January 6th in order to pacify the religions father. He wrote about Christmas Day occurring on the 25th of December, which was the old Miss Redskins Sol Invictus celebration of the Reba. He introduced a version of Christianity, which also played on many of his Pagan beliefs. And for example of his thought that he was a worshipper of the sun god me cross and it is thought that the sun guide me through housing in that Traditions belief system has a birthday around the time of the winter solstice. I eat around December 25th, and as we all know that nothing about December 25th in the New Testament in the next holiday have to deal with with Easter. Racing held on the mathura ism in Sol Invictus, which was called a stay. So he basically hijacked that Festival is well and girls about it celebrating the death and Rebirth of Jesus Christ the actual dating though all of East Hamlin fixture. They trying to sort out to the Council of Nicea, but they werent able to come to an agreement which is why we now have Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox the Roman interpretation of Christianity emerge as these ideas in these traditions. And so we end up sometime in the post Constantine. Of the church deciding that December 25th is now in effect the birthday of Jesus Christ when theres no even suggestion or hint of that in biblical literature. When Dan Brown makes his suggestion that this Great Cover-Up has gone on that these true early Christian beliefs have been replaced with all these Pagan ideas in Pagan symbols and sun god imagery a lot of people get nervous and in become instinctively critical of The DaVinci Code, but I think Dan Browns actually on pretty good historical footing with some of these suggestions at least writ large is detail may be wrong or maybe designed to serve his fast-paced plot, but the big picture question of how Constantine and subsequent Roman emperors reshaped Christianity to serve their own purpose of political theory for the empire. Is a powerful and I think largely valid argument and he told us that the documents referring to the gospels before the 4th Century, which was the era in which he lived be destroyed when theyre written by Paden righteous or whoever and the gospels were then Rewritten from this point onwards for accepted gospels that are in the New Testament that everyone agrees are part of the New Testament heritage. All of the archaeologists serious independent biblical Scholars linguists Etc believe that those for documents were written at their earliest 30 or 40 years after the death of Jesus. And if their latest, perhaps a hundred or a hundred twenty years after the death of Jesus so that the landmark bright-line test for whether something is true by biblical standards. We have to remember when we look at these documents interesting as they are powerful as they are powerful as the story they tell you is that they were all written long after the fact I dont like we think about our own experience and we think what it would be like for my son or my grandson to describe. For example, I dont know if the impeachment of Bill Clinton when we think how much people have forgotten about the impeachment of Bill Clinton just a few years after the fact imagine if that story were being written as contemporaneous history and eyewitness observation 70 years from now. So the gospels are interesting because they clearly do contain information that appears to be fact. Theyre at odds with each other the number of points and they were clearly as Dan Brown suggests chosen from among many other accounts and someone most likely in the circle of Constantine from that time to the time of Pope Gregory 300 years later someone or someones went through an editing process and said, these are in that these are out. These are Blasphemous. These are heretical. We dont want to hear about this line of reasoning. And in most cases destroyed or burned the the radical alternative scriptures, he was basically the president of America RI roads American history to make it appear that he was the savior of America Constantine came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ. The purpose of Jesus Christ was deliberate the Jewish people from the Roman occupation. And in fact, he had sales and konstantins rationale was the team has actually saved Christians who are the descendants of the Jews will say anything and it was he who is the new Christ? Im Not Jesus Christ himself. So he basically remodeled the religion based upon him. Dr. Karen Ross author of The Templars in the Grail along with Martin Lund and Dan Bernstein gives a short history of the mysterious Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were a real historical organization. Every medieval historian will tell you that they did play a very powerful and important role during the Crusades. They did occupy the Temple mount in Jerusalem for a. Of years. We dont know if they found the Holy Grail or anything else while they were occupying the Temple Mount. We do know that they became very powerful. We do know that they became the early Bankers to the church the early ambassadors of church power of the early. Gorilla Warriors of the Crusades the special forces the elite Delta squads. And we do know they became so powerful that they became a threat to Emperors of France and popes and eventually many of them were massacred. The Knights Templar with a Playboys of the Middle Ages that everybody wants to be a nightstand for they have a fantastic reputation. They basically had a lot of money they swaggers around they were able to cop a habit. They werent able to cop that builds. They fought to the lost. They were undefeatable in bathroom and they were ostensibly the people who were supposed to go all the way to the Holy Land so pilgrims who were going that well protected by the Knights Templar. In fact that our agenda we can we are led to believe or we can believe it was somewhat different what they did when they arrived in Jerusalem was basically taken over the size of day of the Temple of Solomon and they have main re-ment was to find the treasure that they suspected head being hit in there. That was the main intention. They were fabulously rich and I ran right over France was very jealous of that power and wealth in addition to being indebted to them to Boston Pops of chewing the Vault amounts of money. So on Friday the 13th of October 1307, he arranged for all the Knights Templar throughout France to be exterminated at exactly the same time. The plot against the Knights Templar with probably planned in advance. Of course, we know mainly orchestrated by the king of France Philip the fourth and Pope Clement V. They were both in power of the time and as the Templars were a religious order remember the pope had a lot of say over their jurisdiction and the King it is now believed resented this and there was a bit of a severe power struggle as the historical record shows between the two King Philip the fourth clearly do the Templars money and is widely believed Now by his store in he wanted their land and of course its and its significant assets. So therefore that was one possible motivation among others the threat of the power of the order of the temple by that time is quite extensive. King Philip had a bit of a problem convincing other kings in other countries about the guilt of the Templars cuz again, they have been viewed as being very highest tier The Vault even fanatical Christian Martyrs for the holy land and no one could simply believe it is this list of charges would apply to the Templars. It was a shock. Its as though we wake up today the front page of the newspaper tabloid goes on about every executive being rounded up for an international Banker organization sunlight without any prior warning. Weve often heard of the saying today on Friday the 13th unlucky for some and this saying is said to have arrived from that from the original arrest of the Knights Templar 1307. And in fact on Friday the 13th at dawn there was a very sudden raid on every knowing Knight Templar in all of Europe in the princess like France and this was a shock to everyone at the time by and large. It was just found to be rather unbelievable that the powerful great Knights Templar could be guilty of such charges in the 19th century. It is said it was worshipped Baphomet who was the singer who became the icon of the Christian idea of the devil whether or not this was true. We dont know what we do know, is that the leader of the Knights Templar Jack to Malay? Who was burnt to death as he was being fried on sticks first? Thats the Knights Templar guilty off was lying on the porch and secondly the Philip the fair and the pope of a Time who had brought about the extermination of the Knights Templar in France. He would see them in death within the year. And in fact miss them died for the Amazons.