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In Chapter 2. We asked the question. What was Leonardo Da Vinci trying to tell us with his coded paintings? Martin Lut Leonardo da Vinci is a figure which is familiar to just about everybody who lives in the west. Most people can name one of his paintings at least probably the Mona Lisa if not recognize more than one. Hes also known as an inventor and an artist and a student of anatomy and he has he was basically a man who typified the Renaissance at the same time as being this kind of Genius a very special type of Genius. He also was not in favor of the way that the Roman Catholic Church was progressing Danvers team. Leonardo was a heretic. He was a rationalist. He was a scientist. I think he was more a scientist that he was a painter as we now know. He really only completed 20 some paintings in his life and and most of them actually are not completed. He thought of himself you love painting but he thought of himself as a scientist and inventor, he left thousands of thousands of pages of secret notebooks with mirror writing and coded writing and obviously had a predilection to keep important knowledge secret and only known to a handful of people and he had to kind of snaring attitude to the Roman Catholic Church, which was unable to express openly and the way he did this was through the Coatings and some of his paintings. I think if we could figure out what the coded messages and Leonardos paintings were they would be fascinating Clive Prince co-author of the Templar Revelation a key source for Dan Brown when he wrote The DaVinci Code The Da Vinci Code is the lineup of the symbolism and other references that Leonardo left in his artistic works that revealed his own religious beliefs. Hes having ideas. This is the idea that Im Brown has taken from a puppet emperor of elation should ice be cold. The secret code of Leonardo DaVinci was taking the idea of who is symbolism hidden in Leonardos paintings. We can be decoded to get to hear a message. I just take 9 used as the basis of his trailer and thats the thing that he kicks the whole The whole story off in his Nobel Lynn and I have looked at her and decoded Leonardos paintings to reveal what we think motivated Leonardo. His beliefs were both his beliefs concerning the church and what he thought about it makes me he didnt like the church was very critical of it. And so anyway it reveals what he thought was. And it was available. He thought was true. The religious holiday has the heretical ideas that motivated and drove him and low temperatures used lots of our decoding the we came up with the lab interpretations of those paintings. He goes in a very different direction to the one that we took Because he then mixes his paltry that is taken from other books from LA to come up with a good rapport with assault led to let us look at Leonardo painting that she began with the Shroud of Turin which is where are infested Leonardo started from the book back in 1994 in which we argued that the Shroud of Turin is actually the worlds least known Leonardo DaVinci that he actually created that great hoax Martin London has a very interesting. Artwork if you like in the 1970s, I think it was a nice on the 1980s scientists were allowed to analyze the Turin shroud for a very short. Of time and they carbon dating, They took the Shroud itself to a. Which dates to about the 1212 1300 the cloth itself, so I couldnt possibly have been used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ. Leonardo DaVinci, I feel is a very strong Contender for being the person who actually created the Shroud of Turin. He is unique among office of his day and never having produced of crucifixion. You had a total of probably 17 paintings which were attributed to him. But none of them was a crucifixion and that is very very unusual has unique what he may have been doing by creating the Shroud of Turin was putting this up as a kind of crucifixion substitution. and the analysis that some people have put upon the image itself is that it is actually buns on top on the the top layer of the fibers of the material and this could be done by using what is known as a camera obscura, which actually takes lights on buns on to a material that has won the national used a very primitive photographic technique to get the image on them and even more outrageously on faces the image on them because thats something that would appeal to his Sense of humor sense of Ohio Antique, no put like that. It was pretty much outrageous and Sunday, but then Brown play Leonardo DaVinci how the habits of painting himself in a loaf of his paintings in the same way that works at the beginning of The DaVinci Code. Dan Brown has a mother of Sonia in the Louvre. Vitruvian man is a depiction of man and the sacred geometry that makes the parts make up the whole it is used by Dan Brown as the way in which the mud with man of the beginning is discovered, but then Brown hasnt actually stretched out in the form of a pentangle which is as we can see. Whats the Vitruvian man is the image of the Vitruvian man is also by the most recognized images in the world in the western world today is similar to Che Guevara or impact the Mona Lisa. And in fact, its lost. Ill check as an image on Euro coin in Italy. Lynn picknett co-author of the Templar Revelation instantly recognizable as the Last Supper giant Fresco from a church in Italy which I mean now you see reproductions over everywhere. Everything from the table mats to you name it raining and everybody recognizes it and office door and you know, who stole that theyve been over every night with a fine-tooth comb but nobody seems interesting facts about it in The DaVinci Code. Im done Brown very kindly brings to Jesus is sitting at the center of the table, of course, but leaning away from him. Im almost as if your hip is this a character who is supposed to be the young St. John in the in the New Testament young st. John is described as leaning against Jesus. This is Lorde. Young st. John hes coming up to the point of femininity. And Jesus is wearing a red robe and a blue cloak and this character is wearing the opposite like his other half. Im so what was one thing and another on the fact that the two figures together form a giant Freights Red Eagle m shape this indicated to us when we discovered this. Im not mr. Done wrong that it wouldnt suggest that Leonardo is trying to say is that Mary Magdalene the giant him woman lady. Im at the Last Supper sitting next to Jesus in the position of some status and also as hes on the hearth How much is crush a big statement Denvers team continues? I think very interesting things are going on in the Last Supper. Although I would caution that the Last Supper painting has been restored so many times including as far back as the 17 hundreds that were not sure when we look at the Last Supper today that were actually looking at the painting that Leonardo painted but there is a very threatening, you know face on the face of Peter. There is a very unexplained extra hand in the painting. There is a very threatening knife in the painting we know there is no chalice or Holy Grail in the center of the painting. Monster psychologist Jung just do it that people only see what they expect to see or Ill told to expect to see you didnt really expect to see disembodied hands doing things when we wrote the temperature regulation. We said were all the pump is stupid in Autos symbolism in his paintings with always serious and always subtle and there was never anything that was the equivalent of taking a red nose on st. Peter Wilsons that book came out weve made at least one major Discovery. What shows has he was quite willing to do something else but us the serious stuff. I mean symbolism for posterity mean to us today. All he had was his paintbrush. So go for it and he went for it Martin London in the National Gallery. The first one thats why the DaVinci paints was unacceptable by the monks of the trucks that it had commissioned it and it was not accepted because he hadnt painted Halos on the Fig has the actual painting depicts the flights of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist from Harrods during the massacre of the Innocents and Jesus Christ is with his mother Mary and the angel Gabriel is looking over them. Some people say that they changed it is accepted by the Catholic church because of the juxtaposition of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ John the Baptist being the person who was actually older than Jesus Christ. He was a descendant of the aurum line which made him a priest Messiah Jesus Christ was a descendant of both the iron line and the Which made him a priest massage in the same way that John the Baptist was but also a king Messiah and the fact that John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ as the Son of God the Roman Catholic Church would prefer us to believe that it would be Jesus Christ was doing all the baptizing and that for what is John the Baptist and John the Baptist think he is coming along and baptizing the Son of God. It doesnt quite add up. In fact, if you look at the genealogies of the family, it is adds up perfectly correctly. But that is something the Catholic Church would like to Sidelines. So the whole juxtaposition of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist is Oakwood at best for the Roman Catholic Church does one in the Louvre which is which figure largely in The DaVinci Code. Im not really they truly here at your school one on this one in Londons National Gallery, which is another version of Turn Down version. The Mysterious stuff is connected with his elevation of John the Baptist over Jesus and its in all his works as far as he can get away with it. It was an atheist. You must have been a scientist, but he wasnt very very specific and very passionate beliefs which quite clearly absolutely nothing like the normal Christiana to what she despised in the Madonna of the rocks. The blues version version you have a beautiful but slightly distracted Virgin Mary with her around a child who is who is kneeling and you have another little boy who got to decide who is sitting at the other child and with hazel her or its around here. Ill actually from the New Testament is actually from Its bitter. Its a tradition. It was invented to cover up the Deep embarrassment with the idea is that in later Life John. The Baptist would actually have the authority to perform a ritual on Jesus invented. This this ideas in Egypt. They will know we got together with children and Jesus bestowed the authority on him for later in life to have the authority to baptize. It was commissioned work, but why you know because obviously I selfishly in in in quote the child who is kneeling to receive the blessing has a Virgin Marys around your shoulders. I didnt Church iconography tradition. They all kinds will you dial is John the Baptists protector, so So why are they children apparently with the wrong Guardians? Why is the kneeling submissive child with the Virgin Mary Lee turn it round and there with the right to Guardians. You have baby John the Baptist being the one in Authority even that on blessing. The kneeling Jesus do is accept his authority. It is quite a revelation and in my book about Mary Magdalene to but there is something else I would draw attention to which we discovered and this is the I was talking about the is. Not worse and thinking about news on same page. So all I will say is it is connected with the proliferation of rocks and they painted and it states a shape formed out of the Rocks which grows has had to go right to the skyline. And basically, this is Leonardo saying she aint no virgin you will never ever Its pretty clear. Hes Leonardo is trying to communicate something there and the phallic symbols that Lynn picknett has emphasized are very much in evidence in the painting what exactly the message of that is. Im I dont have an answer to that question. I think youll be quite interesting to two if we could learn the answer.