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Disinformation Video Origins of The Da Vinci Code

Disinformation Video Origins of The Da Vinci Code 2005 (32 downloads)




Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code sparked a cultural phenomenon which has led millions of people to explore the mysteries of the isolated hilltop village of Rennes­-le-Château.

Behind the fiction of the novel is a wealth of detail originally uncovered by Henry Lincoln in his book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Origins of the Da Vinci Code sets out to explore these mysteries in detail, including: the history of the Rennes-le-Château; the development of the Holy Bloodline hypothesis before the publication of Dan Brown’s novel; how Henry Lincoln discovered the codes; the discovery of the Rennes-le­Château geometry; startling new discoveries of more landscape geometry beyond the original Pentacle of Mountains; the true extent of the “Invisible Temple”; and more!

  • What do Da Vinci Code fans miss at Rennes-le-Château?
  • Did the Priory of Sion exist? Does it exist today?
  • What are the secrets of the Code that threaten the Church.h? These questions and more are explored in this all new exclusive film revealing the secrets of The Da Vinci Code.

These questions and more are explored in this all new exclusive film revealing the secrets of The Da Vinci Code. Origins of the Da Vinci Code is the ultimate guide to the truth and hidden history behind Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.


·    Running commentary track with Michael Bott & Henry Lincoln
·    Extended interviews, including a very candid Henry Lincoln
·    The geometry in full—an in-depth graphical analysis
·    Fly-on-the-wall record of Henry Lincoln’s visit to Rennes-le-Château
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**”But beyond Wolfzeit, I believe that what Dagobert’s Revenge released into the atmosphere has had a hand in creating many of the latest cultural trends. The obvious development to point to would be the huge success of The Da Vinci Code. Back when I started Dagobert’s Revenge, none of the gatekeepers in media believed that themes of the Grail bloodline and the Priory of Sion could have such mass appeal. Even though Holy Blood, Holy Grail had been huge in the ‘80s, for some reason nobody saw the potential for these ideas to catch on and transform culture. Dagobert’s Revenge softened up the appetites of the people it influenced, making these ideas palatable, associating them with other ideas already accepted as “cool” by the underground elite, and paving the way for the occult/secret society-related trends that now surround us. I’m not saying that Dan Brown owes me any royalties. But I do believe The Da Vinci Code, phenomenon is spiritually connected to the spell we cast upon Western civilization when we created the OLE and Dagobert’s Revenge. We were not only influence, but certainly we were at least an indirect yet nonetheless important influence. I definitely believe it is directly a result of my own endeavors that we now see the Cross of Lorraine used in all sorts of underground art and music.”

Tracy Twyman on The History of Dagobert’s Revenge