Last updated on February 15th, 2021


“I also wrote several articles under pseudonyms, including Imogene Mutation, as well as Vivienne Petruveus, Edouard de Legionnaire, Count Backwards, and Mason Dixon. Our tagline now was “Dagobert’s Revenge: Musick, Magick, Monarchism.””



Le Serpent Rouge. | Who’s Dagobert? A bio of the | magazine’s mascot. | A Word From the Editor | Process of Elimination: a recommended | list of pigs to be slaughtered in the com-| ing revolution. | The Distinguished Heads of the | Prieuré de Sion | Poussin’s Secret Revealed | In Defense of Kingship: an editorial. | Desposyni: Some of Christ’s most fa-| mous living descendants. | Grail-Like Objects: an exploration of | the mythos. | Stuarton House: the lowdown. | HE Sir Scott Stewart: an interview of | galactic proportions. | Prince Michael Stewart: straight form | the lips of the would-be king. | All Things Scottish: an illustrated list. | The Mysteries of Crowley’s Emperor | Card. | News From the Wasteland. | The Chymical Wedding of Christian | Rosenkrütz. | The Principles of Ritual, by Frater Per-| durabo. | The Physics of Time Travel. | Baphomet: the Dread Head. | Who Put the “Sir” in Francis Bacon? | Protocols of Sion: # 24. | Oliver Stone’s Subliminal Freema-| sonry. | Fred Berger and the Mormon Under-| wear. | Masonic Verses. | Underground Tunnels and Bases. | Book review | Masonic Rock: record reviews. | Is That a Brickbat Flying at My Face? | Too Gothic for Your Cat: CD reviews. | The Pros:Amateur quality, professional | pretense.