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Interview of Tracy Twyman for Wolfzeit, circa 2001

Baphomet Wolfzeit


1) Miss Twyman, you are recognized as one of the worlds leading experts on the famous Rennes-le-Château mystery. You are also the publisher of a magazine exclusively dedicated to the mysteries of the holy grail, secret societies and chivalric orders, occultism and what you have labeled as “The Arcadian Mystique”. What is your motivation behind publishing such a magazine, what does the title mean and what is said “Arcadian Mystique”?

I was originally inspired to do it by some otherworldly force that took possession of my soul shortly after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Reading that book caused a quantum leap in my consciousness to occur that put me on a higher plane of reality, and I created Dagobert’s Revenge just to express the thoughts and feelings that were rushing through my mind at all moments. I felt this profound sense of duty that drove me to create a magazine paying homage to the descendants of Dagobert II and their bid to return to the thrones of Europe. I had no idea for far this magazine would take me, and what strange avenues this endeavor would lead me to.

The title “Dagobert’s Revenge” signifies not just the vengeance sought by the Merovingians against the Catholic church which betrayed them, but also, in a broader sense, the struggle of all members of the ancient bloodline of the Holy Grail (which goes back, we believe, to the beginnings of civilization), the only bearers of true God-ordained sovereignty, against the forces which, in every age, have attempted to wrest power away from the bloodline merely for the purpose of domination. The Grail bloodline’s members are responsible for bringing everything that we consider “enlightened” into the human sphere, and therefore they represent the light of divine genius, as opposed tot he darkness of ignorance. They once ruled over a Golden Age in man’s history, an age that was destroyed by a global cataclysm. They helped rebuild civilization after this event, but it has never been the same, and over the passage of time their political power was supplanted by brutes and mongrels. “Dagobert’s Revenge”, then, represents the victory of the genius few over the ignorant many, and the new Golden Age that will occur once power is returned to those who should rightfully possess it.

The “Arcadian Mystique” is the subculture that is currently developing in anticipation of this new Golden Age – “Arcadia” being a term applied by the Grail family to the paradise of this era. This subculture – which will one day become, we hope, the dominant culture – is one that embraces the ideas of occultism and Hermeticism, with a distinctly elitist and pro-monarchical perspective. This culture embraces traditional values – values that have withstood the test of millennia – not the more recent, I would say “Victorian” values that are held dear by conservatives today – and stands in contrast to our current weak, degenerate, egalitarian, anti-intellectual pop culture.

2) What is, in short, the essence of the secret of R-L-C ?

The secret of Rennes-le-Chateau is, at its core, Antediluvian in nature. The main treasure to be found there was placed in that location by the Grail kings of the Golden Age, we believe, immediately after the Flood. Southern France would seem to be the landing-place of a Noah-like ark that parked itself in the Pyrenees mountains, containing the King and Queen of the Antediluvian world, and ancient artifacts or records that reveal the secret occult knowledge preserved by the Grail kings during the Golden Age – records that were elsewhere destroyed when the Flood occurred. That knowledge, along with the records, the artifacts, and the bodies of the Antediluvian Grail kings, is what we believe will be found when Rennes-le-Chateau is finally excavated.

3) A whole body of literature about these subjects exploded into the public conscience at the beginning of the 80s, lead by Lincoln´s et al “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”. Do you share these authors views? If so, do you think that the blood of Jesus is the core of this mystery or does it lead further back into the past?

I share the views of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail authors almost in totality. I am not part of the pathetic crowd of genre authors whose sole mission is to poke holes or cast doubt upon the contents of this ground-breaking book. If anything, my goal is to take their research to its logical conclusion, which does, as you have guessed, reach back far beyond the bloodline and history of Jesus to the bloodlines and history of his ancestors, the Grail kings of the Golden Age.

4) What is the role of Mary Magdalene in this regard?

In addition to being Christ’s consort, the mother of his children, and therefore the bearer of the “grail blood”, Mary Magdalen embodies the archetype of the Virgin/Whore “Queen of Heaven.” This archetype began with the prototype goddess-queen of the Antediluvian world, Isis (a.k.a. Venus, Semiramis, etc.), who was at once the mother and the wife of the reigning god-king (Cain/Saturn.) She also played the role of the High Priestess in the Tower of Babel, who lead the temple prostitutes in their carnal sacraments. Mary Magdalen was the “companion of the king”, Jesus, and a temple prostitute as well. In fact, her name “Magdalen” means “tower”, like Isis’ Tower of Babel, and she is often depicted wearing a crown of towers, as seen in the statue of her located in the courtyard of the church at Rennes-le-Chteau. Sauniere must have been aware of this association when he named his library tower the “Tour Magdala.” These associations are why the figure of Mary Magdalen is worshipped as the “Black Madonna” in the South of France. She is venerated both as the wife of the God of our modern era (Jesus) and as a representation of the previous wife of the God of the Golden Age.

5) What do you think did Abbe Sauniere find? What was his well kept and much sought after secret?

I think that he discovered parchments hidden in the altar of his church containing clues that lead to his discovery of the underground tunnel system beneath Rennes-le-Chateau, which probably lead to his discovery of documents and artifacts pertaining to the Golden Age, including, probably, the mummified bodies of that age’s deceased kings and queens. It is evident by the clues that he himself left on the premises of his church that he gained knowledge of the arcane secrets of this ancient era, as well as the secret details of the life of Jesus, and the bloodline of the Holy Grail.

6) What did Sauniere try to achieve by doing all this construction work and renovation at the church and the village?

Sauniere was leaving behind clues for future generations, not only pertaining to the location of the treasure, but the meaning to be interpreted from it. If the clues he has left had not been so specific, we might only be aware of dim rumors pertaining to a buried treasure, perhaps the treasures of Solomon’s Temple, or the “Holy Grail” in its mundane interpretation as the cup that held Christ’s blood. But by employing, for instance, the statue of Asmodeus, and the “This place is terrible” quote from the story of Jacob’s ladder in Genesis, he points to the involvement of the “fallen angels” mentioned in the Bible who were, in fact, the Antediluvian kings of the Golden Age. He also indicates the presence of a heretical, “Luciferian” spiritual secret. His use of Hermetic imagery, such as the four elements present on the holy water stoup, indicates that this secret is alchemical in nature. And the emphasis on “the tomb”, such as the tomb of Marie de Blanchefort, and the depiction on the altar of Mary Magdalen in a cave, indicate that the “treasure” may be found in a royal tomb, perhaps the body of the original “Mary of the White Fort”, Isis. Te omnipresent fleur-de-lys symbol indicates the involvement of the royal line of France in the perpetuation of the secret, and who the blood inheritors are of the tradition begun by the Antediluvian kings. Finally, the unorthodox depictions of Biblical characters indicate not only an unorthodox tradition surrounding these historical figures, but also similar situation that occurred in the lives of earlier, extra-historical figures in the Golden Age who embody the same archetypes as the Biblical figures. Sauniere was most definitely sending a message to the future. From the secret history that he’d discovered, he learned first-hand how truth could be altered through time, and how easily essential truth could be lost with no one alive to attest to it. He attempted to safeguard the truths he had learned by leaving behind a monument to them, albeit one whose meaning could only be interpreted by an elite, interested few.

7) The fourth grand master of the Templars, Bertrand de Blancheford, is said to have done some major diggings at the area around the village. What do you thin did he search for? Or didn’t he search something but actually store or hide something?

I have no comment on this particular instance, as I do not have enough information to make a judgment.

8) What is your personal identification of the artifact known as The Holy Grail?

I think that I have instinctively identified with the Grail mythos through some sort of genetic memory. So although I know nothing of my actual genealogy to indicate as much, I feel its more than likely that I do possess some of this “Grail blood”, and that the relevant genetic attributes which that blood contains are, due to any number of factors, more pronounced in me than in any of my more immediate ancestors. As for the less immediate ones, I have no idea.

9) As far as the story goes, a notorious secret society, the PoS is involved into the whole story. What role, in your opinion, does the PoS play and what is their ultimate goal? Or are they merely a hoax?

I think that the Priory of Sion is just a continuation of older elite organizations that have existed same the Golden Age, the goals of which have been to preserve the arcane secrets of the Antediluvian kings, including little-known Hermetic sciences, and to protect the bloodline of these kings, as well as promoting their political agenda. In the instance of the Priory of Sion, their interest lies mostly with the French Merovingian branch of the Grail bloodline, and they have worked since the beginning to return the Merovingians’ descendants to the thrones of Europe, preferably, according to the literature of the Order, a United Europe. I believe that the European Union is a direct result of their behind-the-scenes action, the ultimate goal of which is a united European empire ruled by the Grail, a replica not only of the Holy Roman Empire, but of the larger Atlantean empire of the Golden Age. I do not believe for a minute that they are “merely a hoax.” They may have perpetrated hoaxes in specific instances for specific purposes, but they are a real organization and a very powerful one.

10) There are rumours about a vast underground system under the surrounding mountains. At my last visit at RLC I also heard about a giant tomb and two skeletons under the exact spot of the Magdalene church. What do you think about these stories?

Evidence indicates that the Antediluvian kings were masters at building underground complexes – labyrinthine tunnel systems that were often located underneath grand temples, imitating the concept of the “World Mountain” whose tops reached the heavens, while its caverns reached down into the pits of Hell. This is why this race of kings was associated with the demons of Hell or the Underworld, and also why some of them are currently rumored to be living inside the “Hollow Earth.” The kings of the Golden Age were also said to be giants, literally, a biological phenomenon that could have several explanations if climate, diet, or relationships between heavenly objects in the solar system had been different at that time. With this in mind, the idea of underground tunnels and tombs containing giant skeletons in the region of Rennes-le-Chateau is not at all unreasonable to me.

11) Evidently the surrounding geography of R-L-C has been manipulated in ancient times at a large scale. There are numerous pentagrams worked into the landscape. What do you think has been the intention of that? What´s your conclusion?

I think that, at least in the instance of the five mountain peaks which form a perfect pentagram (pointing, according to Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath, to the location of the North Pole 100,000 years ago), this formation conceals a gigantic pentagonal temple that has been covered with dirt since the Deluge occurred. The fact that it is pentagonal indicates that it is a temple to Venus/Isis, who was symbolized by the pentagram. Venus is one of the patron deities of that area of France, having been one of the pilots of the ark that landed there, and the numerous pentagrams that have been incorporated into the landscape of the area were put there by people who were aware that a temple to Isis, and possibly a tomb containing her physical body, were located below.

12) Some authors claim a connection between R-L-C and the lost continent of Atlantis, Hyperborea, Another Dimension or another planet. What´s your stance towards these theories?

I would agree that it is connected with Atlantis, since Atlantis was the center of the global empire of the Golden Age, and the god-kings who are buried there were the rulers of Atlantis who fled there after its cataclysmic destruction. It is likely that the Pyrenees region was an important part of the Atlantean empire prior to that continents’ destruction as well. The other-dimensional ties in, as I see it, only in the sense that the arcane Hermetic secrets that make up part of the treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau point towards a higher state of reality that most certainly transcends the third dimension. It is possible also that the Antediluvian kings, who were physically, mentally, and spiritually superior to modern humans in many ways, possessed physical attributes that allowed them to interact with areas of reality beyond the third dimension in a more pronounced way than any modern people would normally be able to. An enlarged pineal gland, for instance, might enable that. As far as the other planets are concerned, I see little evidence that the Antediluvian kings actually issued from anywhere other than Earth. They were, however, the godfathers of both astronomy and astrology, and introduced the concept of other planets to the masses they ruled over, who otherwise would have been completely ignorant of them. It is clear that these god-kings identified themselves with the stars and the planets, and that they believed that celestial bodies (or, at least, their movements and interrelationships) had an effect upon the destiny of Earth’s population. How clode this belief was to those held by modern astrologers is debatable, since modern astrology now has little to do with the positions of stars and planets as they currently exist.

13) Who were these antediluvian kings? What gave them the divine right to rule and what made them special? Which role did they play according to the human race, culture, etc. ?

The actual origin of the Antediluvian kings is quite mysterious, probably because of the cataclysm that destroyed their historical records. But from the legends and other material that has been passed down through the generations, we know that these are the people that introduced civilization to man, including not only law, order, and a societal structure, but all of the basic arts and sciences upon which a civilization is based. They also introduced man to the concept of religion, giving man a spiritual life where before he had none. Before being conquered by the Atlantean empire, primitive peoples lived in an almost animalistic state. Even the crafts employed by native people that we see today were most likely derived from their contact with Atlanteans in the distant past. When the god-kings came along to civilize the human race, they raised them from the status of a mere biological entity to that of Men – people with souls. Again, what exactly caused these people to develop in a superior fashion is unknown, but we believe that they were taller, stronger, had larger, more developed brains, were more physically beautiful, and possessed longer life-spans than other humans. Because of this, they were worshipped as gods, and all of the gods that we worship today are archetypally based on them. However, these gods eventually began to interbreed with men, creating a hybrid race that head to their undoing. Over the centuries, their genes became watered down, until there were no known people of pure blood left, and their descendants, while still possessing genetic qualities that set them apart, are able to, for the most part, blend in with the rest of the human herd. But this is the stock from which all of the world’s royal lines have come, and these divine descendants have attempted to preserve the knowledge of their ancestors in the numerous secret societies that they have spawned through the ages.

14) Some clues of the whole mystery lead to the figure of the REX MUNDI, aka The Forgotten Father aka The Hidden God. Please explain the concept behind this figure and how is it linked to “The Arcadian Mystique?”

These titles all originally applied to the first god-king of the Antediluvian upon which the archetype of kingship and godhood is based. This “Forgotten Father” embodies the concept of the rightful king who rules with divine authority and justice, maintaining a relationship between Heaven and Earth, making his kingdom a reflection of the celestial order in the Hermetic tradition of “As above, so below.” When these conditions exist a Golden Age exists, and therefore this is an essential part of the ideal of the “Arcadian Mystique” which we are attempting to bring back into vogue.

15) Some authors like Lawrence Gardner and Zecharia Sitchin followed the path of these “godkings” back to Sumer, identifying the “Lord of the Earth” with Enki, who is thus identical with “Lucifer” and also with “Saturn”. Some claim that Cain is the father of the royal bloodline. Please shed some light onto this mysterium: who is who in the grail bloodline?

It can be confusing to follow all of the names in the Grail family tree, especially when dealing with figures from the Antediluvian time period, for whom the only historical records we have consist largely of legend. Add to that the complication that a king, even back then, was expected to embody a mythical archetype, so titles and attributes given to one king were often also given to his son when we assumed the throne, along with ceremonial clothing, a ceremonial royal residence, and ceremonial functions. Thus, one god-king might be called the “Fish-Man-Goat”, and depicted as a horned half-man, half-fish, called “The Lord of the Earth”, and even identified with anecdotal life stories that are identical to those of another god-king is his ancestor, also titled and depicted in the same way. This can be found also in the stories of the Biblical patriarchs, characters who are largely based on these Antediluvian kings. For instance, the story of Cain and Abel, of two brothers (one good, one bad) who struggle for the inheritance of some right or privilege, the younger one usually winning, recurs repeatedly in the lives of later Biblical characters, and is in fact one of the predominant archetypes in the mythologies of the ancient world, indicating that it is based on a historical truth. Oddly, however, the Bible tend to demonize the Cain figure in each of these similar stories, and to exonerate the Abel figure, whereas in the other mythologies of the ancient world it is Cain who is shown as the rightful – and victorious – inheritor of his father’s thrones (which is, in most of those other myths, what the two brothers were actually fighting over.) Generally speaking in these stories, the “Forgotten Father” is the original god-king, the Adam figure, the “Lord of the Earth”, whose son, Enki, Lucifer, Saturn or Cain (yes, they’re the same) inherits, after some struggle, his throne, and becomes known as the “Lord of the Earth” in turn. This Cain figure is sometimes case in a sinister light because he is generally regarded as having been the instigator in the conspiracy whereby members of the Grail blood interbred with, and shared their secret forbidden knowledge with mundane humanity, which is the “rebellion” that Lucifer symbolizes. But he is the patriarch honored as the father of the Grail bloodline by its modern descendants since, without his encouraging gods to interbreed with humans, those descendants wouldn’t exist, nor would they be in possession of their ancestors’ mystical secrets.

16) You are in the progress of writing a book about R-L-C and the surrounding secrets. What will the book deal with and when will it be published?

The book will deal with all that I have alluded to, along with all of the evidence that we have come across indicating that this hypothesis is true. It will also include details of some of the “arcane secrets” that we believe the Priory of Sion and the Grail family have been preserving all this time, some of which pertain to a different understanding of time, space and reality then we are normally used to. Some of these secrets also paint an awesome picture of what life on Earth was like prior to the cataclysm that destroyed the Golden Age. We will further decode the clues left by Berenger Sauniere, Jean Cocteau, the Priory of Sion, and other participants in the conspiracy to a much greater degree than they have ever been decoded before. I say “degree” because these mysteries have multiple layers of meanings and only the most superficial ones have thus far been decoded by other researchers. It will get published when its done and when a book deal is signed, which will hopefully occur within a year.

17) Boyd, you have become famous and notorious as a musical performer, artist, filmmaker, prankster and member of the Church of Satan. How did you find your way to DR?

18) According to your inquiries, what is the meaning of the repeated use of the number 22 at R-L-C ?

This is something that is dealt with in the upcoming issue of Dagobert’s Revenge, and is too complicated to discuss outside of the context of the article.