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Tracy R Twyman | “Author” Martin Lunn | DisInfo CEO Gary baddeley | Richard Metzger


DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley
Tracy -you and Boyd really should do a quickie “Da Vinci Code Decoded”  we could sell a boatload around the release of the paperback version of the book 
Tracy Twyman
I have an alternative proposal for you. I have a friend named Martin, > who is a writer for the Financial Times of London.
DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley

OK Brian. Martin hasn’t read Davinci Code yet so there’s not much to talk about until he does.

Please let me know what your ideas are so far so we make sure we’re on the same page.
Tracy asked me to attach the recent article she wrote..
Tracy Twyman
I assume you were thinking of printing in a smaller format than “The Book of Lies”
Martin Lunn:
I agree to all the chapter headings that Gary suggests.
DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley

BTW, does Martin have a bio that I could look at?
From: Sent:
To: Cc: “Martin Lunn” <lunn@london.com> 12/1/2003 10:17:12 AM brian@dagobertsrevenge.com
DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley:

but as I have never seen any thing written by Martin
DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley:
Yes but if it could mention something about him being an expert in all things Grail, Priory, etc.
DisInfo CEO Gary Baddeley
…and Agent’s commission @ 10%
“the Agent is entitled to receive or retain as its commission (and is hereby irrevocably assigned)
fifteen percent (15%) of gross monies paid to you hereunder”
Page. 6
Tracy Twyman
Here are files of The Priory of Sion’s official device – The two Sauniere parchments
Tracy Twyman:
…with my 10% of DVC Decoded, and my 25% of The Dragon Legacy